Digital Printing on Concrete

Printing on wall and facade panels

We are breaking new ground with the development of a digital printer solution for the full-surface printing of concrete wall panels in the production process. There are already printers for marking, but no printers that can completely print the entire prefabricated wall panels. With any patterns, stone imitations, photos and graphics. There are no limits for the architect. With the implementation of our technology, we will be able to print facade panels (HPC and UHPC), double wall and solid wall in the future.

State of Development

We can already digitally print small concrete slabs up to 120cm in length, such as paving stones, sidewalk and terrace slabs. We can also protect them against UV radiation and abrasion. This system can already be demonstrated in practice..

How does the technology work?

The architect’s surface design data is sent to a large-format inkjet printer in production, which shoots the colors onto the concrete slab in the exact position by means of thousands of small nozzles.

The result features several layers that ensure that the optical result adheres permanently to the concrete, is UV-stable and scratch-resistant.

Precast Concrete Technology

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