Reinforcement Production for structural prefabricated concrete products

Endless cutting from coil or CC means „Cut from Coil“. Structural precast concrete products require very different reinforcement: Stirrups, Bars and Bends on long bars. With the new PREQAST CCF-14 you are able to bend stirrups as fast as on a Stirrup Bender. Bars simply straighten from coil. Or to make bends at the beginning or end of the bar.


Die PREQAST CCF-14 produziert vom Ring mit einer Geschwindigkeit bis 150m/min. wobei bis Durchmesser 10 zwei Drähte gleichzeitig verarbeitet werden können.

The CCF-14 is a universal Rotor straightener-, cutting and bending machine for the production of reinforcements for all structural concrete products. The machine can be used optionally for the production of stirrups, straight bars and bars with bends at both ends.

The PREQAST CCF-14 produces at a speed of up to 150m/min where wires with up to 10 mm diameter can be processed at the same time.

Special features

  • max. pulling speed up to 150m/min
  • independent pair of transport rollers allows bending at the second end
  • straighteners can be adjusted with a computer and joystick
  • bending over a turntable on 3 different levels
  • bending and cutting is done with a high performance electric servomotor
  • adjustable cutting device
  • knives can be used in 2 layers
  • network connection and remote maintenance

Technical Data

  • single wire processing diameter 6-14 mm
  • double wire processing diameter 6-10 mm
  • max. bending angle for a single bending movement is 180°
  • central bending mandrel diameter 32-50 mm
  • max. pulling speed 150m/min
  • max. bending speed 2345°/sec
  • average electric power consumption 4 kWh

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