The latest generation of straightening and cutting machines

Back to the future.

In the 1980s F. Filzmoser developed the first automatic reinforcement machines for the precast concrete industry. Fully robotized reinforcement production and distribution became standard in the industry.

The PREQAST CCX-20 is the first of a series of new machines for the precast industry and rebar shops. A new generation for straightening, cutting and bending of steel from coil.

5 Tons Coils

Up to 20 mm diameter ensure that the machine runs longer until the next coil change. In this way you increase PRODUCTIVITY to new dimensions.

6 Hyper Rotors

Flexibility means switching between different diameters in no time. Without waiting times. The hyperbolic straightening rollers ensure the best possible WIREQUALITY.

Automatic bending tool change

Each diameter has ist own bending radius. Each bar its bend. There is almost nothing this bending device can not do. Automatic tool change during production. Bend 2 bars in one operation.

Special features

  • drive via high-performance servomotors
  • reliable pull due to 2 pairs of drive rollers
  • max. pull speed: 140 m/min
  • diameter change within a few seconds
  • diameter-related hyperbolic rotors enable perfect straightening quality
  • shears with servo motor, short cutting time and high accuracy
  • 2 longitudinally movable bending heads with bending on 2 levels, working independently and simultaneously while the next bar is already being produced
  • automatic bending tool change, the central mandrel is changed from a 6 positions magazine
  • mobile collecting trolley for receiving cut and bent bars
  • network connection and remote maintenance


Technical Date:

  • single wire processing 6-20mm diameter range
  • double wire processing 6-16m diameter range
  • max. bending angle for a single bending movement 180°
  • central bending mandrel diameter 32-160 mm
  • max. pulling speed 140m/min
  • max. bending speed 320°/sec
  • average electric power consumption 20 kWh

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