New Technology to improve flexural strength in concrete products


With the FLEXSTREN technology we introduce a new way to give flexural behavior to concrete products, overcoming steel reinforcing limitations (cover requirements and steel corrosion). FLEXSTREN Technology consists of applying a post-compression on dry cast concrete products, after curing, with a stressed and oriented high tensile continuous composite.
This reinforcing is NOT dispersed in the concrete mix but applied only where it is needed.


State of Development

FLEXSTREN is already available to produce:

– Large flexible Pavers
– Concrete Pipes without steel reinforcement
– Ultra thin wall pipes
– High strength aerated concrete blocks
– Drycast Railway Sleepers

Applications: e.g. Large Pavers

ADDING FLEXIBILITY, weight is reduced, flex and durability is increased
FLOORING, flexible pavers can be applied even on medium-high speed roads
LARGER PAVING SLABS with limited thickness are now possible, enhancing the product applications vs competitive materials (ceramic ,terrazzo tiles..)

Precast Concrete Technology

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